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The best nature has to offer

The choice of materials at L'Artisan Brossier


Our brushes and combs are made of wood from sustainably managed European forests. Wood is a material with which we have worked since our origins. It is responsible, durable and resilient, in addition to being aesthetic. Unlike plastic materials, wood is a non-irritating material that will respect your scalp as well as your hair. It is for all these reasons that the choice of wood seemed obvious for the manufacture of L'Artisan Brossier brushes.
Wood is common sense even to offer sustainable products, with a low environmental footprint without compromising on aesthetics, quality and efficiency.


Boar hair is the natural hair that has the most to offer your hair. Neither too supple nor too firm, it's the right balance for detangling the hair without attacking the scalp. Boar's hair is a natural hair, it is therefore composed of keratin like our hair, this is what allows it to distribute the sebum from the root to the tip of our hair in order to nourish it in depth. It is also what causes the scales of our hair to close in contact with it for stronger and shinier hair.


For our pneumatic brushes we use natural latex , it comes from the sap of the rubber tree . The interest of natural latex is its elasticity which allows our pads to fit the shape of your skull in order to offer a good brushing experience. Indeed, it allows you to massage your scalp during brushing in order to stimulate microcirculation and participate in good hair regrowth. The natural latex tire also keeps your volume and avoids 'flat' hair. It cleans easily with a little shampoo and water, when maintaining your hairbrush.



We now offer another vegan option: in bio-based nylon fiber. This fiber of vegetable origin is robust , harder than agave fiber, it allows a particularly effective detangling . An ideal vegan option for dense hair.

The main advantage of bio-based nylon is its eco -responsible nature, the use of bio- based fibers reduces greenhouse gas emissions and reduces dependence on non-renewable resources.