Craftsmanship and exceptional materials

Manufacturing at L'Artisan Brossier

At L'Artisan Brossier we are convinced that a quality brush is a real care for the hair. This is why, thanks to our ancestral knowledge, we manufacture brushes in France with the best natural materials to offer products that will accompany you on a daily basis for a long time.

The work of the brushmaker is made up of several stages: the selection of materials, the manufacture of the handle and the trimming. Each brush and comb benefits from our ancestral know-how and the finishes of each piece are handmade to guarantee the quality of the products.

Why wood?

Our brushes and combs are made of wood from sustainably managed European forests. Wood is a material with which we have worked since our origins. It is responsible, durable and resilient, in addition to being aesthetic. For our hair it is a material that is not irritating, it will not weaken your hair and your scalp as plastic materials can do. It is for all these reasons that at L'Artisan Brossier all our products are made of wood.

What is the benefit of Boar's Hair?

Boar hair is the natural hair that has the most to offer your hair. Neither too supple nor too firm, it's the right balance for detangling the hair without attacking the scalp. Boar's hair is a natural hair, it is therefore composed of keratin like our hair, this is what allows it to distribute the sebum from the root to the tip of our hair in order to nourish it in depth. It is also what causes the scales of our hair to close on contact with it for stronger and shinier hair.

What is natural latex?

For our pneumatic brushes we use natural latex, which comes from the sap of the rubber tree. The interest of natural latex is its elasticity which allows our pads to fit the shape of your skull in order to offer a good brushing experience. Indeed, it allows you to massage your scalp during brushing in order to stimulate microcirculation and participate in good hair regrowth. The natural latex tire also keeps your volume and avoids 'flat' hair.

It cleans easily with a little shampoo and water, when caring for your hairbrush.

New: the Agave Brush in vegetable fiber

We now offer a vegan option that is not synthetic fiber but vegetable fiber. The Agave fiber makes it possible to have a brush that is softer than boar hair and which penetrates the mass of hair without weakening it, unlike plastic fibers. Derived from agave, this fiber is particularly suitable for sensitive scalps. It is also a porous material because it is natural so it can have this sebum distribution action over the entire length of the hair.



Nous proposons désormais une autre option vegan : en fibre nylon biosourcé. Cette fibre d’origine végétale est robuste, plus dure que la fibre d’agave, elle permet un démêlage particulièrement efficace. Une option vegan idéale pour les chevelures denses. 

L’avantage principal du nylon biosourcé est son caractère écoresponsable, l’utilisation de fibres biosourcées réduit les émissions de gaz a effet de serre et diminue la dépendance aux ressources non renouvelables.