About L'Artisan Brossier

At L'Artisan Brossier we offer wooden brushes and combs, reflecting our values: natural, sustainable and local .

Our history

A family business

A family business located in Brittany in the Côtes d'Armor, L'Artisan Brossier strives to offer brushes that meet the needs of today's women while respecting an ancestral know-how of excellence. Run by two generations of the same family, L'Artisan Brossier is run by women for women.


An ancestral know-how of excellence

We perpetuate a particular craft that combines the work of hard materials such as wood or acetate with hair to create objects with a soul . Our brushes are unique and behind each of them are hidden hands that are the pride of L'Artisan Brossier.

Creating high quality brushes designed to last over time while remaining accessible is the challenge we have chosen to take up for you.

Our ambition

Natural elegance

Our ambition is to meet contemporary needs through excellent craftsmanship to awaken the natural beauty of each. Making all hair types shine, celebrating all types of beauty and allowing natural elegance to shine through is L'Artisan Brossier's raison d'être.

Our engagement

The best that nature has to offer

It is by putting the best of what nature has to offer at the service of your hair that we have designed our collection of brushes and combs. Wood from sustainably managed forests, natural latex and pure boar hair for beautiful hair every day. A quality hairbrush acts like care, day after day.

The responsible commitment of L'Artisan Brossier is proven by actions: first of all, manufacturing . All our products are manufactured and packaged in France , which considerably reduces the carbon footprint of each brush or comb.
On the other hand the choice of materials ; wood , plant fiber , boar hair and natural latex are all natural, high quality and durable materials . A no-frills assembly that gives rise to effective and common-sense objects that transform brushing into a real hair care ritual .

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