Pourquoi choisir une brosse en pur sanglier ? – L'Artisan Brossier

Our range includes a wide selection of pure boar brushes. They are natural hairs which, like our hair, contain keratin. This is why the pure boar offers a completely exceptional brushing!

What are the advantages of a Pure Boar Bristle brush?

Nourished hair:

Thanks to keratin, the bristles of the boar bristle brushes will distribute the sebum from the roots to the tips and help nourish the entire hair. This will prevent oily roots and dry ends.


These natural bristles make it possible to close the scales of the hair during brushing and therefore to have, thanks to daily use, naturally shinier hair. The hair will also be less brittle because it is not weakened by plastic fibers which damage the scales of the hair over time.

Traffic :

Boar hair does not attack the scalp. It massages it and stimulates microcirculation to promote hair growth. These effects are all the more important with our large-format pure boar bristle pneumatic brush which, thanks to its natural latex pad, will adapt to the shape of your skull during brushing and massage your scalp more evenly.

Different hair qualities

All boar bristle brushes are not equal: each brush has his own technique for laying and cutting the bristles. At L'Artisan Brossier we use the root of the hair and keep a long length. This requirement completely changes the brushing experience and allows the bristles of our brushes to penetrate deep into the hair and avoid brushing that would remain superficial.

Be careful, many brushes on the market are made from boar bristles mixed with plastic fibers of the same color with a 20/80 ratio. Depending on the ratio, the beneficial effects of boar hair will be much less important or even non-existent.
At L'Artisan Brossier, we offer 100% pure boar bristle brushes with or without large white nylon bristles to help penetrate and detangle very dense hair. This keeps all the boar bristle benefits for your hair.

The benefits of boar hair on the beard

The same principle applies to the beards of these gentlemen. The L'Artisan Brossier beard brush will allow you to obtain a smooth and shiny beard, again thanks to the principle of keratin distribution. It will also stimulate microcirculation, to encourage even beard growth. Our beard brush sized to fit a man's face to provide the best possible grip.

The Artisan Brossier since 1805

L'Artisan Brossier - Pure boar smoother

L'Artisan Brossier is responsible French-made products with a know-how of more than 200 years. Our brushes and combs are made of wood, natural latex, with pure boar or Agave fiber bristles. We offer a full range of high-quality, hard-wearing wooden brushes and combs - with pure boar or agave fiber bristles - and natural treatments formulated to deliver healthy, shiny hair. This is the quality of yesteryear for products that last a long time.

Having beautiful hair naturally is our ambition, to help everyone feel beautiful and celebrate all types of beauty through healthy hair.