Quelle brosse brushing choisir ? – L'Artisan Brossier

A must-have in our bathrooms, the round brush is an iconic hair accessory well known to our hair experts, which however raises many questions when it comes to renewing or expanding its collection.

With these brushes, your hair is supple and airy

The round brush is essential if you want to achieve a beautiful home made brushing.

The particularity of this model is that the upper part of the handle is surrounded by rows of bristles, unlike a flat brush where they are only on one side. In fact, in addition to detangling and smoothing the hair, this brush allows you to create movement and bring volume to your hair mass, all without weighing it down.

You can therefore achieve different hairstyles and let your creativity express itself: smooth brushing, wavy or curly blow-drying, creating puffy bangs or having curled ends... you just have to follow your desires.

Different sizes for the same model, how do you know which one to choose?

Our brushing brushes are made in France, with wood from sustainably managed forests and are filled with pure boar. This hair naturally brings benefits to your hair during daily use. Loaded with keratin, they help to better distribute the sebum produced by your hair over its entire length, thus restoring a hydrated, soft and shiny hair fiber.

To choose a suitable blow-drying brush, there are 2 criteria to take into account: the type of hair and the length.

Depending on this, we offer four models of brushes, adapted to different needs and whose shape of the handle has been studied to provide a practical and pleasant grip.

Short and fine hair: 35 mm brushing brush

The smallest model in the brushing range, this brush was created to meet the needs of short hair. The 35 mm diameter is ideal for working on the hair mass, without attacking the scalp or hindering your gestures when trying to achieve your hairstyle: you can therefore style your hair without worry.
However, this model can also be used on long hair, to create small curls and bring more relief to the hairstyle.

Short to mid-length hair: blow-dry brush 45 mm

Intermediate model with a slightly larger diameter than the previous one which is perfect for short to mid-length hair. The extra rows of this brush allow the bristles to penetrate better into the hair mass and thus help you style your hair better.

Just like the 35mm brush, this one can also be useful if you want to achieve beautiful curls.

Medium to long hair: blow-dry brush 55 mm

This brush, considered the standard model in the range, is ideal for long hair. Its large diameter allows you to work the hair without difficulty. The boar bristles deeply penetrate and detangle the hair mass, thus facilitating the styling session.

With this model, you will rather obtain large waves. It is also recommended if you are looking to bring a smoother finish to your hairstyle.

Long or very thick hair: brushing brush 65 mm

With the largest diameter, this brush is ideal for very long or extremely dense hair.

Just like the previous one, this model allows you to effortlessly style your hair mass, regardless of your hair length or type. With it, you no longer need to separate them into small sections, you can work larger locks and thus save considerable time.

You will understand, whether you have short, medium-length, long, fine or very dense hair, you will always find the ideal brush among our range of blow-dry brushes.