Les gestes à adopter pour un brushing réussi – L'Artisan Brossier

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Choose the best brushes

Aware that a good brush is just as beneficial as nutritious care, we have perfected our technique to create products that respect your hair and the environment.
Made in France, polished and finished by hand, with sustainably managed wood, our brushes leave a feeling of softness in the palm and ensure optimal comfort, both in use and in the grip.

Boar bristles strengthen, bring shine to the hair during daily use, stimulate blood circulation and promote growth.

With our brushes, you no longer need to spend money on cosmetics: let yourself be seduced by their natural benefits.

Each hair is unique and deserves the best

This is why we offer a range of four round brushes, available in several sizes and adapted to a specific hair length: 35, 45, 55 and 65 mm in diameter.

Do not hesitate to consult our article dedicated to this subject to help you choose your brush.

The right things to do

Equip yourself with the necessary tools to achieve a beautiful brushing:
a round brush , with a diameter adapted to the length of your hair,
a hair dryer with spout,
and a comb to facilitate the separation of the locks.

1. Pre-drying: an important step

The most delicate stage is that of pre-drying since the brushing must be done on clean and damp hair.

After applying a nourishing treatment or your usual shampoo, pre-dry your hair to remove as much moisture as possible. The drier the hair, the more effective the absorption of products to protect it from the heat.

The subtlety of this step is to keep enough humidity so as not to damage your hair fiber.

For fine, straight hair

If you want to have volume naturally, this technique will change your life. Take a hair dryer set to medium heat and dry them upside down. With your hand, simultaneously relax your roots by stretching them slightly, in order to smooth them and increase the desired volume effect.

For dense hair

You can just wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt. This material has the particularity of being twice as absorbent as a classic towel and is more respectful of the hair fiber.

2. Hair preparation

Once the pre-drying has been mastered, apply a nourishing and heat-protecting treatment, then detangle your hair with the brush. The boar bristles will allow a homogeneous distribution of the products over the entire length and will help you to achieve a flexible and voluminous blow-dry.

Using a comb, draw a parting then separate your hair into several sections. You can distinguish them from each other thanks to the clips, to facilitate the rest of the brushing.

3. The brushing step

Bring the brushing brush and the hair dryer.

For a smooth brushing

Make a habit of always starting with the wicks below.

Select a strand of a width of about 2 cm, which you will disentangle using the brush, starting from the root. Repeat the gesture, this time accompanied by your hair dryer to amplify the smoothing effect. Place the brush inside the wick and the hair dryer on the other side, avoiding sticking it to the hair, because the heat greatly weakens the hair fiber.

Insist on the roots to bring even more volume and repeat the operation with the rest of the hair. To fix the result, you can pass a blow of cold air on the locks.

Depending on the length of your hair, adapt your gesture: turn the brush throughout the process if you have short hair, or only at the tips for long hair.

For a curly brushing

Wrap your section of hair around the brush, gradually working your way up from the ends to the mid-lengths and simultaneously blow warm air so that your hair takes the shape of the brush.

For this brushing, it is preferable to use two brushes: one with a large diameter to smooth and loosen the roots, and one with a smaller diameter to define beautiful curls.

Release everything and do the same on the rest of the head.

You remain the conductor, so do not hesitate to trust yourself. Work in harmony with your brush and respect the natural movement of your hair to style it at its best. Once finished, apply a few drops of sweet almond oil to enhance the result.