Faut-il toujours se laver les cheveux après le sport ? – L'Artisan Brossier
Whether you're a Sunday sportswoman or a fitness addict, it's a question we've all asked ourselves: do you necessarily need to shampoo after sport?

The question is legitimate, in fact the perspiration generated during sport mixed with sebum produces a film on the scalp which reduces the volume, sticks the roots and can sometimes leave a "greasy" or "wet" effect on the hair. The beneficial effects of sport for health are no longer to be proven concerning the hair it is not so simple.

Although sport helps to reduce stress and anxiety, which are the main causes of hair imbalance, a sports session can also be a source of aggression for the hair. So what to do? Do not panic, the solution is in this article.

In reality the answer is nuanced, it is mainly a question of feeling, do you feel the need to wash your mane after exercise or not. The need to wash your hair depends on several factors; your hair type , the intensity of your session and your level of sweating.

Light sweating: skip the shampoo box, let your hair down and brush it.

After a session of Pilate, Yoga or any other gentle practice, it is not necessarily necessary to wash your hair. A good brushing to remove impurities and detangle the hair can be more than enough. Pay attention to the choice of the brush and the method.

To limit hair loss and the brittle effect, it is advisable to detangle from the ends towards the root, this gentler method will be beneficial for the health of your hair. On the other hand, the choice of the brush is also very important. Prefer a boar bristle brush, these keratin-rich bristles evenly distribute the sebum from the roots to the lengths, avoid oily hair and restore shine and solidity to your hair.

Moderate perspiration: replace the shampoo with a simple rinse with water.

Perspiration releases salt which can clog the pores of the skin of the scalp and dry out the lengths. During the day, residues of perspiration can cause a feeling of discomfort and itching. To prevent this two solutions. The most favorable is to rinse your hair with clean water, applying a conditioner to the lengths if necessary.

Another solution that must remain exceptional, dry shampoo and a good brush stroke. Dry shampoo will absorb perspiration and sebum to give volume and a “clean” effect to your hair, that is, it is only an effect and dry shampoo does not clean. However, there remains a practical alternative on an exceptional basis.

Profuse sweating: a well-deserved shampoo is in order.

After a high intensity session, the shower box is often necessary. Nothing is more effective than a shampoo to cleanse the scalp and eliminate salt, perspiration and sebum. If you exercise daily, you can wash your hair every day. Even if the general idea is to space out your shampoos as much as possible, in the case of recurrent intensive activity it is still preferable to wash your hair after exercise. The important thing is to use a mild shampoo , paraben-free and sulphate-free in order to maintain a neutral pH and not attack the scalp. Once again a good brush is in order, opt for a L'Artisan Brossier boar bristle brush which allows a uniform distribution of sebum over the entire length. A gentle detangling from bottom to top is strongly recommended so as not to break or tear your hair. Remember to let your hair dry naturally , repeated heat tends to dry them out and make them brittle.

You now have all the keys to combining sport and hair health! Ready to attack this 2022 school year in a sporty way!